Equality and Diversity

The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to equality of opportunity for all people and to eliminating unlawful discrimination.

We recognise and value the diversity of the local communities across East Berkshire and believe that equality is central to the commissioning of modern, high quality health services, particularly in relation to the protected characteristics as set out by the Equality Act 2010.

This means that:

Group of Diverse Multiethnic People

Our current equality and diversity objectives

These objectives were agreed, after we invited local people to consider which objectives we should choose by setting up a survey. The survey had three questions. Each presented a short list of possible objectives relating to patient experience and engagement, our role as commissioners and our role as employers. We asked respondents to select the ones they considered would be most important for us to concentrate on.

Equality Delivery System (EDS)

Using the Equality Delivery System (EDS) tool designed by the Department of Health (DH) we will better understand how equality can drive improvements and strengthen the accountability of services to patients and the public. It will help ensure that everyone – patients, public and staff – have a voice in how organisations are performing and where they should improve. The EDS is all about making positive differences to healthy living and working lives. The EDS will help us analyse what is required by section 149 of the Equality Act 2010 (“the public sector Equality Duty”) in a way that promotes localism and also helps us deliver on the NHS Outcomes.

At the heart of the EDS is a set of 18 outcomes grouped into four goals. These outcomes focus on the issues of most concern to patients, carers, communities, NHS staff and Boards. It is against these outcomes that performance is analysed, graded and action determined.


Inclusion Steering Group – TERMS OF REFERENCE

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Survey results for objectives

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2018/19 East Berkshire CCG PSED Report

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2018 EDS 2 summary report

Published 31 January 2018
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2017 EDS 2 summary report

Published on 27 January 2017
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Workforce Race Equality Scheme (WRES) Reporting 2019

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WRES Data 2018/19

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