Our vision, values and aims

Our vision:
Working together to deliver excellent and sustainable healthcare

Our values

The CCG’s values are:

  • We work openly and honestly and our actions are transparent
  • We listen, respect and care for our patients and colleagues
  • We support each other, cooperate together and are willing to change
  • We use the best clinical evidence and embrace innovation
East Berkshire Ccg Map

Our aims

The CCG aims are:

  • To serve and improve the health and wellbeing of its population
  • To ensure that the services are safe, equitable and of a high standard with less variation
  • To enable people and communities to be active partners in their health and wellbeing
  • To deliver an overall balanced budget and maintain sustainability of the system through partnership
  • To transform collaboratively the health and care system to meet future needs
  • To promote education, training, innovation and research amongst its Members

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