How we hold providers to account

When providers want to make a change to a service, they should let the commissioners know.  We then ask about their plans to involve patients in their changes and either get involved as commissioners where that is appropriate, or ask to see the engagement reports before any decisions are made.

Here are some of examples of when that might happen:

  • Providers no longer providing previously commissioned services e.g Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust withdrew from providing the non-complex AQP audiology services. The CCG worked with BHFT to ensure a smooth transition for patients as can be seen here. After feedback from the public, the CCG reviewed the process and comments that were received, it felt that more information needed to be provided to patients about each provider to help in decision making, and so a detailed review was conducted, with all information available here. A patient facing FAQ, drafted in collaboration between the provider and the CCG is available here. All this information was shared with the Patient Advice and Liaison Service.
  • Changing the location of a service - for example, moving GP practice site – the CCG supported a joint engagement exercise with the Poyle Parish Council in Colnbrook to hear about how the local population access healthcare (not just general practice). This process follows on from ongoing engagement following the closure of a branch surgery. The outcomes will be shared with the health and wellbeing board in a report before April 2020. The January 2017 PCCC meeting has three papers about the closure for Colnbrook Branch Surgery here.  More information about current engagement events supported by the CCG is available here.
  • When we want to do an independent review of specific services such as Adults and children attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autism support and services. In this case, the CCG commissioned an independent provider to conduct a review. As part of this process, stakeholders including current services providers, carers, service users, local authorities, community and voluntary sector services were consulted on the current provision of services, gaps in current provision and were asked to help design what good would look like for future services. Click here for more.

Our Quality team is really important in this as they will hear about changes through quality review meetings with providers. We work closely with them as well as partners such as HealthWatch. Patient Participation Groups and voluntary sector partners to make sure the CCG is asking the right questions, focusing most on those people who will find it hardest to access our services.