Bracknell and Ascot Patient Assembly

There are 13 GP practices within Bracknell and Ascot locality. Click here for details

The aim of the meeting is to bring together Patient Group (PG) representatives from all 13 GP practices across the area as well as CCG staff and other health care professionals under one roof.

The forum provides a platform for valuable networking and for key information and best practice to be shared and discussed.

Following the results of The future of Patient Assembly’ (PA) survey, which was carried out in March 2018 and completed by 10 of the patient groups, representatives voted for the following as part of the restructure:

  • Chair and Vice Chair along with CCG to lead PA
  • Chair, Vice Chair and CCG comms to take on admin/sec duties for future PA meetings
  • Nominated PG rep per practice, practice managers and PG committee per practice to be invited to future PA meetings
  • PA to take place every three months
  • PA meetings to continue taking place at Easthampstead Baptist Church
  • To allow more time for PG reps to network, best practice to be shared and CCG input

Alan Thomson is currently chairing the meeting as vice-chair in the absence of a chair.

To keep patient groups updated of any key developments, campaigns, and other news in between the meetings, the CCG has introduced a monthly Patient Group Bulletin which is proving popular and has since been rolled out to the other two localities. Copies of the bulletin can be found to the right of this page.

At the 2017 CCG AGM the Patient Assembly hosted a stall promoting membership of PPGs to attendees.