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Featured Thursday, Mar 15 2018

Health partners host events in Slough to support World Tuberculosis Day 2018

Slough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), the Public Health team and Slough Borough Council are supporting World TB day with series of events on Wednesday 21 March and Friday 23 March and a month long radio campaign on Asian Star, a local radio channel.


This is to raise public awareness of active and sleeping tuberculosis, as well as testing for people entering the UK from high risk* countries.

Representatives from the Slough CCG, the TB Team and Public Health will be at:

  • The Curve 12.30-16.30pm on Wednesday 21 March
  • Montem Leisure centre 8-12pm, Tesco 1-4pm and The Empire Cinema 3-6pm on Friday 23 March

The CCG, in collaboration with Slough Borough Council are excited to be taking part in the global initiative “Light up the World for TB” campaign. In local support of this global campaign, we will be lighting up in red The Curve, Slough as a key landmark to show our commitment towards ending TB.

Associate Director of Nursing Jo Greengrass, from Slough CCG, said: “While the prevalence of TB is coming down in many European countries, it remains high in the UK. Rates of TB in the South East of England (outside London) are highest in Slough and South Reading.

“A high percentage of TB in England comes from people who have a sleeping form of (latent) TB. They may have this for many years while feeling completely well. Illness, life stresses and certain medications can reduce their immunity and reactivate their sleeping form of TB.

Jo added: “It is important to identify people who have latent TB so it can be treated before it becomes active. Each untreated, infectious person could potentially infect a further 10 people a year.

Early detection of active TB and tracing people who may have been in contact with it is key to treating people with the disease, as well as testing those they’ve been in contact with.

TB is treatable and curable. The events we are holding next week are just one of many that aim to raise awareness and reduce infection through our concerted approach to TB prevention, treatment and control. We will be on hand to answer any questions, talk about TB and its symptoms and give advice about testing for latent TB.”

Cllr Natasa Pantelic, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care said "I'm excited that we're a part of the global “Light up the World for TB” campaign where we will be lighting up some key buildings in our area to raise awareness of TB.

TB cases in Slough are still unacceptably high and I encourage residents who have entered the UK in the last five years from places such as South East Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa to book a simple blood or skin test, which is free from your local TB service.”

Dr Jo Jefferies, Public Health Consultant said, “Partners across Slough have been doing some excellent work talking with residents about TB. People often think that TB is a Victorian disease that is no longer around in the UK but it still affects around 60 people in Slough each year.

TB is curable, effective treatment and testing for the latent form of TB means people can be treated before they become ill. World TB Day is an opportunity for people everywhere to be informed about TB, educate others and urge governments to take action.

I am delighted that Slough will be taking part in the “Light up the World for TB” campaign with other towns and cities across the world. This global movement will make a powerful statement and show solidarity for people who have been affected by TB.”

You could still be at risk even if you have had a chest x-ray and it was clear before you came to this country and if you have had a BCG vaccination, as this does not protect you for life.

To book a blood test at our New Entrant Screening Clinic, King Edward VII Hospital, St Leonard’s Road, Windsor, SL4 3DP call 01753 63 6089. Clinics are also available in Slough.

*High risk country list