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Featured Wednesday, May 31 2017

Little Blue Book of Sunshine


Teenagers across the east of Berkshire are getting help and tips on dealing with their mental health from a ‘little blue book of sunshine’. Anyone can sometimes feel down, worried or anxious because of a variety of situations like school, family or friends.

The book, which has been co-produced with young people and the Clinical Commissioning Groups in the east of Berkshire , has been delivered to every secondary school in Slough, Bracknell, Ascot and Windsor for pupils aged 14 and above to keep and refer to whenever they are feeling blue.

Dr Katie Simpson, GP Mental Health Lead for the East Berkshire Federation of Clinical Commissioning Groups, said: “It is important that children have the confidence to know what to do if they are feeling down, anxious or stressed out.

The booklet includes information on how to get support and provides lots of useful information and who to contact in times of need. Talking to people they trust can make a big difference and this provides reassurance that there is help out there.”

The book also has a check list of things that may worry young people, and tips on how to deal with anxiety, stress, body image and eating problems, relationships and anger.

You can pick up a copy at school, download a copy to your phone or simply read some of the great advice on the Little Blue Book of Sunshine webpage.