The Impact of Transforming Care

The models of care and provision across Berkshire being design and developed by the Berkshire Transforming Care Partnership will allow:

  • Service users to be truly at the heart of their care – using personalised budgets effectively and allowing them choice and empowerment
  • More focus on improving quality of life and support to reduce behaviours that pose a risk to oneself and others through robust workforce development
  • Even better standards of care through increased knowledge and experience to support people to lead meaningful lives
  • The reduction of the reliance on bed-based care by increasing life opportunities in the community
  • People to stay out of hospital where possible, and if an inpatient stay is required, ensure discharge happens safely and in a timely way

In addition, by close working between Health and Social Care organisations, people with learning disabilities and/or autism will be supported to live meaningful lives through access to:

  • Individualised tailored care plans
  • Personal Health Budgets
  • A safe environment designed to meet the person’s holistic needs
  • Meaningful easy read information to navigate through services
  • Well-trained staff 
  • The choice to design own services
  • Personal Health Plans
  • Carers Information, Advice and Support
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Education, Support and Housing
  • Timely and meaningful diagnostic support