You said, we did: public and clinical feedback

We continually monitor the feedback we receive, and use the information in the best possible way to influence future decision making. One example of this is the continuous feedback and evaluation process that contributed towards the development and continuation of the “Feeling Unwell?” campaign, and the other elements developed alongside, to compliment this.

In 2017, you said:

  1. People didn’t know what services to access and when
  2. Staff were saying they didn’t have the tools to support them having the conversation with patients about where else they can go

We did:

In 2018, the “Feeling unwell?” campaign was developed, with materials highlighting the various NHS services available, with details of when to use them and how to access them. These were shared with practices to support reception staff have conversations with patients. These materials were developed with PPG members, practice staff and HealthWatch.

In 2018, you said:

  1. The “Feeling Unwell?” materials hit the mark and there was good recall and recognition.
  2. There needs to be more done about self-care and everything before one feels unwell

We did:

In 2019, we continued to use the “Feeling Unwell?” branding and materials – with updated information regarding NHS 111 online etc and the 111 text service.

We also did a huge local push around self-care, producing a local toolkit based on the population health needs in East Berkshire. Information was available in practices and via social media. This was further supported by self-care social media support from an ICS perspective.

In 2018, GP practices said:

GP staff wanted to work closer with schools as part of the winter pressures scheme

We did:

A programme of work was designed where GPs would deliver sessions to Year 4 children about self-care and where to go when feeling unwell – promoting the right service at the right time approach and covering issues around lack of awareness raised in previous years. This is being delivered as part of the 2019/2020 winter pressures scheme.