Review of CAMHS service in Berkshire 2014

A comprehensive review of the Berkshire CAMHS service took place in the early part of 2014.

We gathered views of children and young people, parents and foster carers, staff who work in the service, GPs and others who refer into the service and others with an interest in the service.

In total, 775 people responded to the survey or participated in interviews. This has resulted in a huge amount of data to be recorded, analysed and presented.

CAMHS review full report April 2014

The full report (which is 97 pages long)


CAMHS review April 2014 - Executive Summary

An executive summary has been prepared for those who want to just read the highlights 


You Said we Did Report

As a result of this review, a number of recommendations were made for improving CAMHS in Berkshire. We listened to your views and here is what we are doing to improve the Berkshire CAMHS service

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