New Vision of Care

As the number of people needing care is growing, we need to make sure we do better with the money we have and so finance is an important part of this work.

The New Vision of Care (NVC) is a model which was developed jointly across the CCGs in East Berkshire and Chiltern, working together with their local authorities to deliver an ambitious new model of care that integrates care around each individual and supports them to maximise their independence.

It was co-produced with local residents and stakeholders.

Watch our video to learn more about the NVC.

Work to date

During 2016/17, the NVC has focused on supporting the Frimley Health and Care Sustainability and Transformation Programme (STP), and has been a key influence in defining priorities and projects.

Through collaboration betwen commissioners, local authorities, public and voluntary sector, the NVC has supported the East Berkshire system in defining STP projects and ensuring the NVC principles are embedded in local design and delivery for projects.

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