Share Your Care

To provide you with the best possible care, health and social care professionals need the most up to date information about you. Sharing electronic medical records with others who are involved in your care make your healthcare safer and more efficient

You probably expect that the people who look after you already have instant access to relevant information about you.  That hasn’t been the case – until now. GPs across Berkshire and surrounding areas are working to allow other care professionals to view some information from your medical records with your permission. This could include medication lists, important allergies and major illnesses.


This means that there is now a way to safely and securely share your key health and social care records electronically with the professionals involved in your care. For example, if you need urgent care the people who care for you can do so without relying on you to remember information about your medical history.

How it works

Each time you give permission to retrieve your record, the professionals looking after you can search and read an accurate, up-to-date view of your health data directly from the original records held at your GP surgery, out of hours GP services, community health services and social care. Instant access to your record is especially important when care is unplanned, urgent or required during evenings and weekends.

In this short film Dr Bushra Bi – a doctor with the Westcall out of hours GP service – explains the difference Share your Care makes to her and her patients.


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