Paediatric Asthma Project

Asthma Care - Making a difference through focused communication and monitoring

Slough CCG’s Asthma Project is all about improving quality and access to Children's community respiratory services. This places the child at the heart of the Asthma Project that aims to deliver the highest standard of Asthma care in Slough.

The impetus for the project was initially in response to the shocking death of two children with asthma in Slough. Slough CCG commissioned an independent review. The review findings found no individual practice concerns, however recommended an overall review of child asthma care in Slough.

This led to the development of the Asthma Project by the Women’s Clinical Working Group, which consisted of four hardworking, dedicated female GPs. Each Clinical lead took on areas of responsibility where the Paediatric Clinical Lead carried out quality assurance. All key activities were presented at Project Board meetings and signed off through CCG Board of Directors.

The Slough asthma working group main aim/purpose include:

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