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Featured Tuesday, Aug 6 2019

Staying hydrated is easy when you know how

Sign Of Dehydration

A new campaign is being launched across east Berkshire to inform people of the importance of staying hydrated and consuming the right amount of fluids to stay healthy.

Medical evidence shows that staying hydrated can assist in preventing conditions such as: pressure ulcers, heart disease, diabetes, and low blood pressure. It is also recognised that staying hydrated helps to keep you alert and feel generally healthier.

East Berkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wants to help ensure people are aware of the importance of staying hydrated, improve quality of care or self-care and help to prevent hospital admissions.

The #waterkeepsyouwell campaign aims to help people:

  • Know importance of staying hydrated
  • Know how much to drink
  • Know what to drink

The campaign is being launched next week (5 August – 2 September).

Sarah Bellars, Director of Nursing and Quality for NHS East Berkshire CCG said: “The #waterkeepsyouwell campaign aims to promote the health benefits of staying hydrated and remind people that a good fluid intake can help cut back on unnecessary hospital admissions.

“When people, especially older people are admitted to hospital, they can experience complications in their care if they’re dehydrated.

“There are plenty of things people can do to stay hydrated, for example, drinking water regularly throughout the day, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and remembering to drink more when they exercise or if the weather is hot.”

Across East Berkshire, work has already been done to bring about a reduction in urinary tract infections requiring medication or hospital admission in older people living in care homes. The project aimed to encourage residents to drink more fluids by introducing seven drinks rounds every day. The project won three national PrescQIPP awards in October 2017. More information about the care home hydration project can be found here.

More information about staying hydrated, as well as hints and tips, can be found here.